I like what RM and DA are doing – Yes, it is refreshing. However, I wanted to say this about Al Davis…
Yes he had some bad moves and bad drafts and what ever else you want to throw in the mix, I will not argue any of those points. But the thing that amazes me is how everyone ignores the other facts. What other facts am I talking about? Well, Al was the only owner that had his team in a confernce championship(or League championship)in every decade. The only Owner in the entire NFL. Not only that, but he died King of the AFC West with the most Superbowl Vistories(3)- Okay that was along time ago…Well then lets talk this century. In the ealry 2000’s, every football fan would agree, the Raiders were pretty darn good. Again, the only team in the AFC west to go to the Super Bowl this century – No other owner in the AFC West has appeared in the SB this century. We had three very good years going to 2 conference championship games and the SB.
You may say, well he lost it after that…okay, well since most would agree that Al was indeed in charge to the very end, then you have to look at this. The year he died he fielded a team, good enough to sweep the entire AFC west and at one point was 7-4 before his starting RB and starting QB went down with season ending injuries. The 2011 team was scary good and looked unstoppable at times. This was his last team he fielded and it was under his direction…All the good or bad deals and whatever else, he had his team in contention every decade. In his 38 years in charge of the Raiders I’d say he was pretty consistent and way better than most he went up against. He was a true winner even in his last days.
These are all facts that no one will hear from the media.

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